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From: Terri

Called Hauling Guys and Demolition to remove a small shed that was damaged by the storm and was leaning, also had some overgrown trees and shrubs that I wanted gone! Mr. Byrum and his crew did a fantastic job, I would highly recommend them. They responded right away, were fair in their price and did a through job and clean up!

From: Allyson

Y’all did great! I am pleased and our side yard is completely rid of trash wax myrtles. They were taken down and piled nicely until haul day. Haul day was perfect. All gone and it was fast. Thanks to ByroM and his crew. Y’all are great. Thanks again!!!! Allyson

From: Theresa

Bryan answered my call and came right over. I had a two story building that was damaged by the Hurricane and it was unsafe. He came the next day and demolished the building and afterwards hauled off the Debris and clean my yard. I would reconnect him and his company for any size job .Thank you for you good service.

From: Joseph

I had an ever growing pile of tree debris after Hurricane Ida. I called Mr. Washington and he and his crew within an hour, gave a fair quote and then went to work. His crew are the some of the hardest polite workers around. They did an exceptional job in cleaning up a lot of tree debris that still remained and removed a shed roof that blew over my fence. Everything was cleaned up quite nicely. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing debris cleanup. The service was exceptional. I am so glad I called them.

From: Christopher

When recent storms destroyed the residence which was the secondary business place for my dad, Hauling Guys and Demolition company from the Metaire area supervised the clean up for one of the largest five star locations in the coastal rescue effort. The company sanitized most all of the flooded 9th ward in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Unstoppable

From: Erika

This was the 1st time I hired someone to do a job just from the conversation, without reading the reviews or checking references. Hauling guys came with the right attitude he was very pleasant and easy to talk with. I was leaving to go out of town for the weekend when I called to get an estimate on cutting down two trees. He was very persistent in doing the job. The entire time I was gone out of town, Hauling Guys kept in contact to let me know how the job was going. When I came back from out of town I was very pleased. Thank Mr. Washington for WOWING ME

From: Larry
I contacted the hauling guys and recieved a reply and estimate.They showed up as promised and had everything hauled of in a few minutes. I would use them again

From: Karol
I called Byron Washington yesterday am and ended up having my collapsed shed roof removed that same day and most of the post Katrina junk I had held onto. Byron gave me a reasonable price and got to work a few hours later. He and his crew are very hardworking with an awesome work ethic. I had to leave before they had finished the job . When I got back he had left , without a clue if knowing, one of my dead father’s golf balls and the yellow plastic basket he kept all his golf balls in. Was so eerie. Made me feel like it was a sign from my dad that I was doing the right thing. But anyway I will definitely use these guys again. They ‘re awesome and that Byron makes deals that are hard to refuse! Good guys!

From: Anastasia
Good Evening, I want to say ‘Thank You Again!!’ We were in a time crunch. Byron and his team took down our shed and hauled away the debris in no time at all! I was able to take a break from work to watch them in action for a few minutes. The area they were dealing with was pretty tight. Their care and precision insured that no other structure was in danger at any time. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and efficiency I was treated with today. Thank You Again!

From: Scott
I have NEVER been more impressed with one company or team in my life as Mr Byram. They were so friendly, fast and thorough. They cleaned everything to a T and did not leave anything to clean up. Mr Byram worked with me and gave me a great price for a shed tear down and haul away. I highly recommend them and will use them again. They were tireless! Thanks again for the SUPER service!!

From: Clem,
Great job at a fair and reasonable price. Mr. Washington and his crew demolished my shed by hand, which was no easy job. My shed was 12′ X 16′ and well-built and looked like a small garage. The job was also tricky because the shed was located very close to a fence on two sides and close to my air conditioner and house on a third side. The guys were very careful not to damage anything and were very professional. They also hauled away all the debris and junk that had been in the shed. They cleaned up so well after the job that you couldn’t tell that anyone was even there. If you need any demolition and/or hauling of trash done, contact Hauling Guys. These are good people.

From Ellen,
I give the highest rating to Mr. Washington and his crew. I called them Thursday afternoon and they were out the next morning at 7:30 to give me an estimate. It was a fair estimate and they were ready to start the work right then. These guys are some of the hardest workers I have seen. They were quiet, pleasant and polite. They aim to please and they do! I wholeheartedly recommend them.

From: Jesse Ramsey

I had service today. Byron looked at my yard that was trashed and gave me a great price. He told me what he was going to do and he worked hard and I would use this company again.

From: A. Lewis

I am so grateful for the Hauling Guys. I had a 40 ft tree that needed to be removed. I initially hired another company that created a gigantic mess. The Hauling Guys came and looked at the remaining tree and debris left from the first company, gave me a fair price and started working. They are reliable, have great work ethic and are affordable. I hope to never have another issue like this but, I would use them again and definitely recommend them to others. Great job guys!!

From: Stephanie Akers
I’m so happy with the services they provided, I received texts to keep me up to date on arrival times and they were courteous and so helpful. Wow, these guys are strong too!! Good people, highly recommend!

Awesome, hard workers, courteous! That is how I describe Byron and his crew of guys that worked on getting part of my Mom’s yard looking like a yard again. Not only was it overgrown with tress and 4-5 foot tall grass there was literally tons of miscellaneous junk items. They did not hesitate to take it all out and all with smiles on their faces. I will not hesitate to call on them again. I highly recommend their services.

Super communicative, fast, fair prices and nice people. Called them for some last minute trash removal and they responded immediately, texted me updates on timing, and otherwise were awesome. Thanks!

Kevin L.

Mr. Washington and his team arrived late in the day to give me an estimate on clearing out my yard to get my house ready for sale. The estimate was a fair price and I said they had the job. I thought they would then schedule a time to come back. They said they could start right then! I was delighted. They worked hard and long to finish my yard. It was not an easy job because I have a long alley that caused them to carry everything out piece by piece. Throughout the afternoon they never complained and were very friendly!! They cleaned my yard down to the smallest detail. I will be calling them back when it is time for me to move. Thanks, gentlemen, you did a fantastic job!


Mr. Washington and his crew arrived at 12:30PM to clear out some very old, heavy desks from our office. They worked nonstop until 7:00 PM to clear all the furniture out. They were honest, hard working and very professional. The price was reasonable and I would highly recommend them.


Mr. Washington and his team arrived as scheduled to give us an estimate on hauling away some office furniture and panels. The price quoted was reasonable and they hauled away the furniture right then. The entire team was very professional. I would highly recommend The Hauling Guys.


Tell your friends, call Hauling Guys! Mr. Washington and his crew were on the spot within minutes to get the job done. “Send me a picture? What for?” he said. “I’ll be over there in a minute to see what you need done, and do it. I’ll work within your budget.” Hauling guys manually removed about a ton of cumbersome debris in about an hour, and the cost was competitive with other hauling companies.


I would like to thank the guys for doing a great job of cleaning up and pick up all the trash. They were very quick in come to see the job. Also they were very professional and I would recommend them to anyone who need to haul trash. Very good job. Thank your very much.

     Patricia Johnson
     2719 Paris Ave
     New Orleans, La. 70119

I woke up one morning with part of my tree on the ground in my front yard. Mr. washington stopped at my house. We looked at the tree and discussed a price. He told me if I didn’t get him to do the job the I needed to call someone, because the tree would be coming down in the next couple of days. I agreed to let him do the job and he went to get his tools. 10 minutes after he left another section of the tree came down on my house. When Bryam and his crew came back they cut down the tree (not causing any damage to my home) and hauled it away. A few people stopped to ask questions and I told them if they were looking for me to say something about Mr. Washington and his crew they were talking to the wrong person. I was very happy with the work and Mr. Washington. He is a man of his word, and his work was outstanding. Thanks you for your hard work and professionalism.

Jack Falcon

I would like to thank you guys for the quick and efficient removal of over 300 linear feet of fence post and boards debris. In this heat and the amount of work it took, yall handled the job like champs. Your price was competitive also. Thank you and God Bless.

Robin Ascani

I would like to thank Byron and his team for an exceptional job. They came out right away. Byron was very helpful and honest about the best way to have the debris removed from my property. The team came back promptly and not only removed the debris, but took the extra steps in cleaning (raking & blowing) the remaing small debris from my property & the street. I was very happy with the job they did. I will use their company in the future and would recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Thanks again guys. Job well done.

Melissa Bailey

This is a professional, prompt and courteous group of men. They showed up as scheduled, never made a mark on the floors or walls. The helped me get rid of home furnishings that I had no way of removing. I appreciate this company and its service team. 5 Stars!


One word to describe this experience : outstanding. Mr. Washington and his crew did an excellent job. I hired them to remove and haul away furniture, refrigerator, televisions, mattresses and other household items from my deceased mother’s home in order to prepare for remodeling. Mr. Washington was honest, professional and detailed. He was very patient with me and made sure that I was completely satisfied. I even added carpet removal and hauling away at the last minute and he was able to complete this job as well. The price was fair and very reasonable. Mr. Washington did an excellent job and he is highly recommended. I’ll look forward to doing business with Hauling Guys and Demolition in the future. Excellent job.

Vanessa Major

I needed to have an 8′ x 12′ x 10′ high all wood shed, that was termite infested, torn down and removed from my yard. It was tucked into the corner of my yard, surrounded by azalea bushes and 2 different neighbors wood fences about 2 feet from the shed. I called the Hauling Guys on a Saturday morning. Byron and two of his guys came out in the afternoon and tore down the shed without damaging the fences or any of my landscaping. All the debris was hauled off. They cleaned up my property and were finished within 4 hours. I would highly recommend the Hauling Guys & Demolitions for any of your demo needs.

Mark W

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